IHM 2016 – Why 360° and VR headsets for movies? – Fribourg, Suisse

From October 26th to 28th we participated at the 28th francophone conference of Human Machine-Interaction with a conference paper and several demos of the non-immersive version of the Hyve-3D.

In the paper we questioned the effectiveness of the Head Mounted Displays (HMD) for watching movies shooted in 360°. We compared HMD to the visualization system of the Hyve-3D that allows immersion without disrupting natural social interactions.

The conference article was published on the digital library of the Association for Computing Machinery. here the link.

Hyve-3D at CAADRIA 2016 – Melbourne, Australia

Innovation in Virtual Heritage.

The Hyve-3D has been successfully applied to the domain of Virtual Heritage. It allowed to explore in a completely new way an historical virtual place scanned using the photogrammetry technique. In addition, the novel interaction offered by the 3D cursor open new avenues for researchers as well as other users. Every museum should have it!

21st Annual Conference on Computer-Aided Architecture Design Research in Asia
March 30, 2016 – Aprile 2, 2016
The University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Experiential Event by Contact MTL was a success!

Contact-MTL_070The first Experiential Event by Contact MTL was held yesterday at the design research laboratory Hybridlab.

In the presence of the Rector of the Université de Montreal, Dr. Guy Breton, and sixty enthralled guests, Professor Tomás Dorta and his team did a live demonstration of the Hyve-3D system.

This innovative technology developed in Montreal, is a fascinating alternative to virtual reality helmets. It offers many solutions for the field of design, Professor Dorta’s specialty, but also for other fields, such as health.

Watch the photos of the event at the Contact Montreal website.

Read the article by Les Affaires (French only).



ROBOTS – Perspectives plurielles

Jeudi 29 Octobre 2015
11h30 Hybridlab
Pavillon J-A Bombardier
5155 Chemin de la Rampe
Salle 5115

Stéphanie Cardoso
Maître de conférences en design, Laboratoire MICA,  Université Bordeaux Montaigne
Chercheuse associée, Laboratoire Hybridlab

Tomás Dorta

Professeur agrégé, École de design, Université de Montréal
Directeur, Laboratoire Hybridlab

Vincent Gautrais
Professeur titulaire, Faculté de droit, Université de Montréal
Titulaire, Chaire L.R. Wilson

Micheal Sinatra
Professeur agrégé, Département de littératures et de langues du monde, Université de Montréal
Directeur, Centre de recherche Virtuoso


Hybridlab is at SIGGRAPH 2015!

Hybridlab will be the second time at the ACM SIGGRAPH Conference to present Hyve-3D as part of the Studio exhibit. We have made significant progress since attending the conference the last year in Vancouver. We are excited to be given the opportunity once again to present our work alongside world’s leading experts in computer graphics, visualization, animation, digital and interactive technologies.

The conference will be held between the dates 9 and 13 August 2015 in Los Angeles, California. For further information please visit the SIGGRAPH 2015 website.

Photo: ACM Siggraph

Post-Test Video Coding and Analysis

We developed our own software allowing post-test coding of video recordings of design and co-design sessions by participants and/or researchers. Our system supports multiple continuous (such as emotional states) and discrete variables (such as design conversations and tags) to be coded in sync with the recorded video stream.

Psychophysiological Analysis for Design and User Experience

Hybridlab acquired an eight channel system for psychophysiological recordings. We are now able to obtain measures such as heart rate (HR )and heart rate variability (HRV), monitor muscular activity (sEMG), and brain waves (EEG). This system allows us to obtain continuous, non-intrusive, and objective measures during design and co-design processes, and carry out user experience and human-machine interaction studies.

FastCoDesign: “Best user interfaces of 2014”

Hyve-3D was featured as one of the best user interfaces of 2014, alongside  in a listing by FastCoDesign.

“Why does an iPad sketch have to live on an iPad? Hyve-3D uses a combination of projectors and motion tracking systems to transpose your
touch-screen drawings to a 16-foot 3-D screen. And to shift where you draw in 3-D space, just move your iPad.”

Original article at FastCoDesign.